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International Roaming SIM

International Roaming SIM

Low Cost Global Roaming Services

JustMyCloud is Partner and Reseller of Mogul-Wave, leader in International Roaming SIM with cheapest price in the World.
Mogul-SIM™ is designed for individuals and business travellers who are using their mobile phones outside their home country and have to use “roaming” to stay connected. When you take your mobile phone on an international trip, the cost of calls, texts and data skyrockets. Mogul Wave offers an easy to use alternative – the Mogul-SIM™ card for voice, sms, and data with complete support from provisioning, to support and payment channels. This SIM card fits into your phone when you travel and enables you to call anywhere in the world with a cost upto 70% less than what you pay now. With our service you may also forward calls from, and to, your mobile numbers, your usual number and the number provided by Mogul Wave. Mogul Wave offers several configurations of the Mogul-SIM™ products to meet your specific needs.

- Roaming SIM
- Corporate travellers
- Independent business travellers
- International truck drivers, seafarers, and professionals
- PinLess cards

For the travelling business person

If you are a business person, a sales representative, a lawyer, a venture capitalist, your international roaming bill can easily exceed hundreds of dollar’s a month. Mogul Wave gives you an option to get the same or better phone service for a small fraction of the price you normally pay – that’s money in your pocket immediately and a simple way to use only one number all over the world.

For outbound calls, the Mogul-SIM™ lets you call anywhere in the world, then after a pause of not more than few seconds, you get a call back and your call is connected. With Mogul Wave’s all-digital system, you get the best possible sound and data quality available.

Included are default mobile numbers associated to your Mogul-SIM™, and it is also possible to add other numbers in more than 50 countries, as you choose, for a small extra charge.

With each local number, your clients can reach you with a local call, even if you are in another country. This gives you the ability to be truly local with your clients and global with low-cost roaming charges.

For corporate travellers

Employees who travel around the world need phone and data while they are travelling. With a Mogul-SIM™ there is no need to rush to buy a local SIM when the employees reach their destination. No more problems with local top-ups, new numbers or international calls.

Every employee that travels can have a single number that can be called with minimal cost to your company. Mogul Wave can save up to 70% of roaming costs. Our team has already provided these services to Blue Chip Companies that saved several million dollars in roaming charges. The internal ITC structure will control set up and savings of the roaming sim with a dedicated platform and can also integrate several levels of security for voice and data within our solution.

Truck drivers, seafarers & international travellers

If your job takes you to many countries on a regular basis, you can stay in touch with your loved ones and business contacts for less cost than you ever imagined. Just slip the Mogul-SIM™ into your mobile and you can call anyone in the world at a fraction of the cost you pay now – at least 70%! This means you can spend more time talking with your loved ones or your business associates. You can also use applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook without spending a fortune.

Main Features:

  • Advanced Mobile applications with unique accounts.
  • Call forwarding from your normal mobile number so all calls to your local phone reach you seamlessly.
  • Call forwarding from your Mogul-SIM™ number so all calls can be forwarded to your local phone number or to a specific country SIM (extended stays in a particular country may justify having a separate mobile account in-country).
  • Unified communication platform with all the services, such as voice mail and voice to email.
  • Professional conference call service
  • Coverage in 200+ countries – all the major tourist and business destinations.
  • Prepaid, no contract.
  • Easy, anytime top-up.
  • 100% handset compatibility.
  • Cheap international call forwarding to anywhere in the world.
  • Data roaming – best quality available.
  • Add other numbers in more than 50 countries

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