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Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud

Build Your Own Private Cloud Infrastructure

Virtual Private cloud is a new type of Cloud infrastructure where you can configure multiple servers within a single virtual network.
This type of infrastructure is suitable for companies that need a more advanced and flexible Cloud.

Within the same virtual network you can create multiple servers with different features such as Domain Controller, Web Servers, Application Servers and Database Servers.
The entire network is then protected by a dedicated Virtual Firewall where it is possible to configure authorization rules and NAT rules.
Virtual Firewall VPN server functionality also making possible the realization of private and protected channels between your corporate network and the Virtual Private Cloud network going to create a real Hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

Pricing model is very flexible, just buy a Virtual Private Cloud and deploy as many Servers as you need, you'll pay only for CPU/RAM on hourly usage.

Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud

€ 5 / Month

  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Deploy Servers in the Same Network
  • Hourly CPU/RAM Usage Billing
  • 1 Public IP Address Included
  • 7 VPS Snapshots Included
  • VPN Ready
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Virtual Private Server LinuxvCPURAM (GB)Hourly Fee EUROBuy Now
Virtual Private Server LinuxvCPURAM (GB)Hourly Fee EUROBuy Now
Micro.1 0,5512 MB0.0180000000
Micro.2 0,510.0222000000
Mini.1 110.0361000000
Mini.2 120.0444000000
Mini.3 140.0583000000
Mini.4 160.0736000000
Medium.1 220.0708000000
Medium.2 240.0861000000
Medium.3 260.1000000000
Medium.4 280.1152000000
Medium.5 2100.1305000000
Medium.6 2120.1458000000
Large.1 420.1236000000
Large.2 440.1388000000
Large.3 460.1541000000
Large.4 480.1694000000
Large.5 4100.1833000000
Large.6 4120.1986000000
Large.7 4160.2305000000