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Server Housing

Server Housing

Dedicated physical servers, the best performance at the lowest price!

Server Housing Service is simple rent for short or long time. No hassles about buying a new server, maintain, power and cool it.
You can choose various model from a market leader Brand, from a simple remote Workstation to a Mission Critical Server.

Plans Server Housing

Features Dedicated Servers

A full featured backup service in a remote storage completely managed by Justmycloud. You can recover single files, AD’s objects, MS Exchange’s messages, SQL or Oracle tables and records.

Full monitor service for your own servers and services (each package include 5 monitored services per server). Mail and SMS alerting are included.

Using a user-friendly interface you can perform common management operations like start, shutdown or reboot. Advanced features are also available.

Our service include full systemistic support for your own server. You can outsource management of your own server and, in the meantime, configure your own services.

You can use server disks or external storage and choose SAS, SATA or SSD storage technologies.

Justmycloud’s technicians will periodically patch, update and check the healt state of your server.