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Docker Virtual Private Server

Docker Virtual Private Server

Dockerize Your Application!

Docker is a new technology to create containers with famous applications inside.
It allows you to share the operating system and kernel as common resources among different containers who remain independent one from another. So containers are light, minimal, secure and consume far less resources than an entire VM.

In addition, containers can be moved and run on any host, from your PC to a Cloud Service Provider as JustMyCloud (The Service Provider must obviously be Docker-aware).
Maintenance, release cycles and updating an application become very simple operations.

Container can be downloaded from the official Hub Docker ( or created ad-hoc to run your application.
JustMyCloud, as well as being able to run container Docker within your Cloud platform, has a specialized team of developers who are able to take your application and turn it into a simple to manage Docker container .

Docker Virtual Private Server Price

Docker VPS

Starting From €13 / Month

  • CoreOS 675.0.0
  • 1 Public IP Address Included
  • 7 Volume Snapshot Included
  • 1 VM Snapshot Included
  • Metered Billing
  • Virtual Private Cloud Technology
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