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our Mission

Our mission is to provide you the best competences and resources to give you the best technical solution for your needs.

Our work is our passion and we dedicate many efforts in R&D for new technologies, hardware and software.

Every solution is born from brainstorms inside JustMyCloud projects and a continuous process to enhance and secure the final goal, in a typical Swiss ways of thinking.

You will only find not only the best hi-tech around but also a trushworthy, efficient and privacy oriented partner who will help you to design your own solution.


Feel free to contact us for all your questions.

Need Help? Call our support team +41 91 210 34 55

Great Features

You can backup your data by yourself or ask to our team. Your data will be kept in a secure vault, always ready to be restored.

You have a piece of Cloud infrastructure protected by a dedicated firewall, you can also enable VPN to create Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Centralized control panel where you can manage the entire Private Cloud infrastructure including: VPS, snapshots, virtual networks, firewall rules, Public IP, Web sites, DNS, etc

We are here to help you to choose the right solution for you, to install and configure your infrastructure and maintain it up and running.

All our services are self-provisioned and ready in just some minutes after the purchase. You will be able to custom your own offer through the Control Panel.

You can buy or add new services in a very simple way. You can upgrade your system when you prefer and the process is immediate.

Swiss Security and Efficiency

Swiss spirit and traditions are fused with the new technologies to offer you an high performance Cloud Service. Of course, privacy and security are included, as expected…

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High Quality


Security is not only putting some hardware here and there but also building the entire infrastructure from the ground with security in mind. This is our daily work.


We can host mission critical infrastructures since all our services are in HA configuration inside the most secure datacenters with PCI-DSS, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 certifications.


We continuously refresh our infrastructure to guarantee high levels of performance and reliability. We use SSD Storage, absolutely no overprovisioning and fast networks to give you top-notch services.

Allround Services


Our team will help you for all you needs, from questions to installation and configuration, and will help you to choose the right solution and customize your services.


No wait, no stress, all services are automatically provisioned. You will have to wait just some minutes.


You will have a control panel, which helps you to control all your services in a very simple way.